Breakfast Bundle


Breakfast Bundle

Chocolate, cacao, and blueberry source of maximum nutritional value and impressive health benefits.

Start your day with a chocolate smoothie or a hot cup of chocolate together with pancakes that are loaded with extra protein and is sugar free also has dry blueberries and chocolate chips. The drinking chocolate is made from 100% raw and pure organic Peruvian cacao. The bundle offers the maximum amount of nutritional value. If you like your chocolate tea or pancakes with less sugar, then the added natural sweetener won’t do you any harm.

For you to enjoy this breakfast bundle, all you need to do is add water. You can makeover 50 fruity and chocolate pancakes.  Your vegan friend or family member will enjoy whatever you make with the 100% organic Peruvian cacao powder. This breakfast bundle is a source of a variety of antioxidants and minerals.

100% Organic Peruvian Cacao Powder is considered such an indulgence it has won the accolade: Food of the Gods