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Healthy Kids Snacks Subscription Box

Who out there see’s all these amazingly healthy kids snacks that look just oh so delicious.

They look so simple,like 1,2,3, hey presto – look at me, I’m so clever !!!

Do you really have the time to make all these healthy snacks for you and your kids, and lets not mention the clean up !!!

Yeah, the kids will take care of that because they just love the awesome snacks I’m making for them.

What if….

There was such as thing as the clean treats fairy,that not only takes care of all the healthy baking but also does the cleanup as well !!!

Origin will deliver them straight to your front door every fortnight, no need to spend ages trying to read barely legible nutrition panels, or worrying about hidden sugars and ingredients that start with numbers.

Wouldn’t you want that,

Believe…Its true… Its on its way

From Origin Chocolates Wholefoods Bakery

The Healthy Kids Snacks Subscription Box:

These are home made healthy, delicious and nutritious snacks and are guaranteed to be ‘free from’

  • refined sugar
  • preservatives
  • artificial flavours and color

There will be a variety of products included in the box, some will be Gluten Free, Plant Based even Sugar Free all of the Healthy kids snacks will be free of the nasties like refined sugar, preservatives and artificial colors and flavours.These snacks wont have your kids pinging off walls or scratching floors, they’re all well balanced tasty and flavoursome, something your kids will enjoy made from wholefoods,real food snacks made by a parent to make your life easier.

You wont need to spend hours looking up the ingredient list or waste time buying a so called healthy product from the supermarket only to find out that you’ve been had by clever marketers and designers that love to hide the fact that what you thought was a healthy kids snack, is nothing but crap full of sugar, salt, preservatives and artificial color and flavour with an ingediants list hidden by fine print, wrapper seams or metallic foils.


Not only are these snacks bad for your kids because they contain trace elements of chemicals but the packing is pretty crap for the enviroment as well.Origins Healthy Kids snack box comes in an insulated Planet Protector box and within that are your goodies all packed in paper bags and cardboard boxes.You will receive your box of goodies in perfect condition every time,the packaging wont be fancy but you will  receive information cards with everything that you need to know about the Healthy Kids Snacks contained within.

Not only that will you also receive Origin Loyalty points every time you purchase, these can be used on Origins other products.You can also earn points for referring a friend or positive reviews.

Origin intend to deliver on our promise and if you like the product that much you could even become an Origin Affiliate and get paid a commission for promoting a product that you love.

My pledge to you is simple:

Origins healthy kids snacks are wholesome and nutritious foods made by real people, made with real ingredients, made fresh and delivered straight to your door.


Option 1 – $50 every fortnight get you a great selection of different types of healthy kids snacks at least $80 worth, at discounted price of $50 for you and your family, delivered aust wide to your door.

Option 2 – $55 once a month .

Option 3 – $60 one off just because I’m curious

You cant beat Origin Chocolate on value

Guilt free pleasure !!!