Peruvian Cacao- Andi Lew

“Hand over the chocolate and nobody will get hurt!” 

Have you ever heard yourself thinking this phrase, or just want to blurt out these words when your chocolate cravings become so strong? 

For women, especially, they really feel pre menstrual syndrome deeply and sometimes a good dose of chocolate apparently fixes everything. 

There’s some truth and merit to this monthly craving but do you ever wonder why we crave chocolate? 

As a certified Food, Lifestyle and Wellness Coach l am always interested in food cravings in general. 

If you crave salt, you most likely will be dehydrated because salt attracts water, but when we crave chocolate it’s usually because we are craving sugar and we are tired and need the hit or high, only to come crashing down shortly after. 

What we are really craving though is nutrition. Quality micro nutrition (which is vitamins and minerals) like magnesium and macro nutrition (fats, carbohydrates and proteins) are crucial for wellness and quality chocolate which isn’t over processed retains the nutritional benefits. 

Cacao which is the raw, unprocessed version of cocoa (they’re spelled differently and sound different in pronunciation too) is rich in magnesium, antioxidants and even protein. 

Origin chocolate is made with organic Peruvian Cacao and is so rich in those nutrients. 

When you’re menstruating, your uterus is in a state of expansion and contraction. Magnesium is good for muscles as it helps them to expand and contact, and organs are muscles too. So your body is craving magnesium which comes from cacao and we recommend you build those stores with our chocolate over a period of time regularly! That way, you won’t be so desperate when the cravings hit! 

Let’s get you craving our good stuff and at least satisfy yourself with what the body needs. 

Remove the amount of sugar in your sweet treats and get your chocolate highs from our sugar free keto bars! 

We know you’ll love them. 

Andi Lew and the Origin Chocolate Team 

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