Eat Cacao/Chocolate Every Day – Andi Lew

We make our cacao/chocolate, a pantry staple.

What if you were told that not only CAN you eat chocolate every day, but you actually should eat it every day too? It really just depends on which brand you’re consuming. 

This is why we created our organic, Origin Peruvian Cacao chocolate bars, because we want you to be able to not miss out on the good stuff! 

We think you should be able to enjoy the things you love so we developed the most supreme tasting dark chocolate that’s actually so good for you too. 

Our ingredients are sourced from quality places and we know you don’t want sugar, so we created a sugar free range too. 

Cacao is rich and nutrient dense. It’s normally bitter but when you bake with our 100% cacao bars or buttons, you can add your own no sugar alternatives like rice malt syrup, mink fruit sweetener, honey or even dates and figs when baking with Origin Chocolate. 

Our packaging is art. We hand wrap in the Day of the Dead designs and the colourful wrappers are perfect for gifting the ones you love. 

Next time you’re thinking sweet things about your family members and friends, give them the gift of our Origin Chocolate. 

We are proudly organic, fair trade, dairy free, no soy and gluten free too. 

Anyone with food intolerances or healthy lifestyle advocates will be so grateful at your gift of health. 

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