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Chocolate, Immunity, And Stress – A Healthy Guide to Your Favorite Snack

There are very few people who have the audacity to say that they do not like chocolates; at all! Chocolate is one of the most favorite snacks of people no matter what part of the world you travel to. You will find diverse variants of chocolates available from milk chocolates to dark chocolates to bulk chocolates and many more.

There have been numerous myths involving how chocolate is only bad for your health. Whereas, this is not always true. Consuming chocolates you find at grocery stores might be the ones affecting your health as they have a lot of sugar. However, good chocolates, especially dark chocolates like the ones at Origin – Organic Chocolate Makers are of the finest quality. What’s more wonderful about the company is they provide wholesale chocolate for retailers and small ventures. You can get the better quality bulk chocolate from Origin – Organic Chocolate Makers easily through a seamless process.


What Do You Know About Bulk Chocolate?

After hearing the phrase, ‘bulk chocolate’ what pops into your mind? Chocolates in a large quantity? Well, there exists one more side to this coin. Bulk chocolate does not only restrict its reference to the quantity. However, bulk chocolate also alludes to the fact when chocolatiers add spices, nuts, herbs, butter, fruits, or cream to their concoctions they are called bulk chocolate.


Dark Chocolate and Health Benefits

Dark chocolate is a widely known and consumed chocolate type. There have been researches and studies that have linked some optimistic sides to the popular confectionery item. For instance, dark chocolate has a connection to improved cardiovascular wellbeing.

Studies also show that rich dark chocolate with 50 to 70 percent cacao improves the flow of blood, betters gut health, and is a good stress reliever — all impacts that may indirectly fortify your immune system.


Level of Stress and Dark Chocolate

Cortisol is an essential stress hormone produced in the body. Among its numerous capacities, it sets up the individual to react when confronted with an unpleasant situation. If the cortisol level stays high due to chronic stress it can really hurt your health. Dark chocolate however may help slow some of those impacts.



A study including stress and dark chocolate took a look at 65 men with good health. 31 of them consumed 50 grams of dark chocolate and 34 took the same measures of other chocolate that looked like dark chocolate; however, it was without the flavonoids. Two hours after eating the chocolates, the men occupied with two stressful situations: solving a math problem and a mock job interview. Their stress hormones were estimated prior to and after these stressors to check whether the chocolate had an impact. While the entirety of the men’s bodies responded to the stress, the ones that ate dark chocolate delivered less cortisol. They likewise delivered small portions of epinephrine (adrenaline) which is another type of stress hormone. In basic terms, this implies that their body responded less severely to the stressful situation if we consume dark chocolate in moderation.

Just as dark chocolate is proven scientifically to help with easing out stress hormones, milk chocolates are also considered to help with relieving stress to a certain level. What is important to consider while selecting a chocolate type to lessen the stress is that dark chocolate will in general offer more health benefits than any other type of chocolate since it is least processed. It is likewise lower in sugar and fat.


Immunity and Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolates comprise flavonoids also called flavonol – compounds found in plants that have been related to various health benefits, like reducing neurodegenerative diseases, lessening cardiovascular disease risks, and others. These flavonoids or flavonol helps greatly in improving the functions of the immunity system. Due to this reason, the idea was derived that dark chocolate can help with immunity.

The fact that dark chocolate could strengthen immunity is established by science where anti-oxidant agents present in chocolate offer anti-inflammatory benefits. In particular, polyphenols can prevent molecular weakening pathways that are activated by oxidative stress, fighting the effects.


Moreover, immunity is basically subjected to blood flow, and dark chocolate is known to improve the flow of blood by improving the functionality of endothelial, and maybe by different other components too. The anti-oxidant agents assist with immunity since they secure our own cells while the immunity system fights the opponent.


Chocolates from Origin – Organic Chocolate Makers

Origin – Organic Chocolate Makers is a company that caters to providing individuals with what is known as healthy chocolate. They are widely known as ‘bean to bar chocolate makers that refer to the fact that they consider the finest sourced cacao beans only from all around the globe to ensure the provision of chocolate that tastes as good as the origin cacao. They deal in dark chocolates with the additional benefits for retailers and small businesses that is they offer wholesale chocolate facility as well. This means that you can have bulk chocolate for your business with a guarantee of quality and health benefits. The chocolates at Origin are made from cent percent organic ingredients that are ground together over a conventional stone mill. The chocolate is processed less severely that preserves the nutritional qualities of the cacao bean.

Bulk chocolate; be it the quantity or the chocolate type, Origin – Organic Chocolate Makers have you sorted. They have chocolates that have an eccentricity with an unpredictable flavor profile that fluctuates between colorful natural products, sweet, dark, spices, and nuts, exotic fruits, rich caramels with no two chocolates tasting something similar to each other. Their chocolates have a high level of nutrients that taste delicious and make the chocolate one of the finest to have. So, if you are looking for good quality wholesale chocolates you can simply get them online from the website of the Origin – Organic Chocolate Makers by following a few simple steps.



Good dark chocolates can help in positive effects on your health, like the Origin chocolates are dairy, soy, and GLUTEN-free, they have a minute amount of Theobromine and Caffeine, they have antioxidants properties. The chocolates are organic, without refined sugar, and hand-made. They also deal in wholesale chocolates for people who want to have bulk chocolates.

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