Healthy Kids Snacks Subscription Box

Healthy Snacks For Kids


Heres a taste of things to come.


  • High Protein,Sugar free pancake mix (No Nasties)
  • Oat Mylk Hot Chocolate Bombs (No Nasties,Vegan,GF)
  • Freeze dried fruit Mylk chocolate freckles (No Nasties,Vegan,Gluten Free)
  • Banana bread Pops (No Nasties,Vegan)
  • Granola Bars (No Nasties)
  • Date and Walnut energy balls (No Nasties,Vegan)
  • Raw carrot cake (No Nasties,GF,Vegan)
  • Coconut, Chocolate truffles (No Nasties,GF,Vegan)
  • Caramel Slice (No Nasties,GF,Vegan)
  • Tim Tams Oat Mylk Chocolate (No Nasties)
  • Mylk Chocolate Chip and Raisin Cookies (No Nasties,Vegan)
  • Snickaz Bar (No Nasties,Vegan)



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