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Healthy Kids Snacks Subscription Box

Healthy Snacks For Kids

HEALTHY KIDS SNACKS Heres a taste of things to come.   High Protein,Sugar free pancake mix (No Nasties) Oat Mylk Hot Chocolate Bombs (No Nasties,Vegan,GF) Freeze dried fruit Mylk chocolate freckles (No Nasties,Vegan,Gluten Free) Banana bread Pops (No Nasties,Vegan) Granola Bars (No Nasties) Date and Walnut energy balls (No Nasties,Vegan) Raw carrot cake (No Nasties,GF,Vegan) […]

Healthy Kids Snacks – Whats It All About

The Healthy Kids Snacks Subscription Box: These are home made healthy, delicious and nutritious snacks and are guaranteed to be ‘free from’ refined sugar preservatives artificial flavours and color There will be a variety of products included in the box, some will be Gluten Free, Plant Based even Sugar Free all of the Healthy kids […]