Healthy Kids Snacks – Launching Mid March

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Healthy Kids Snacks Subscription Box

Who out there see’s all these amazingly healthy kids snacks that look just oh so delicious.

They look so simple,like 1,2,3, hey presto – look at me, I’m so clever !!!

Do you really have the time to make all these healthy snacks for you and your kids, and lets not mention the clean up !!!

Yeah, the kids will take care of that because they just love the awesome snacks I’m making for them.

What if….

There was such as thing as the clean treats fairy,that not only takes care of all the healthy baking but also does the cleanup as well !!!

Origin will deliver them straight to your front door every fortnight, no need to spend ages trying to read barely legible nutrition panels, or worrying about hidden sugars and ingredients that start with numbers.

Wouldn’t you want that,

Believe…Its true… Its on its way

From Origin Chocolates Wholefoods Bakery

I am a big proponent of sustainable wholefoods a plant-based approach, including the occasional treat. Most desserts, are loaded with dairy, eggs, fats and sugars. Even many vegan options out there are full of added refined sugars, processed ingredients and oils.

That’s why it was important that all the snacks included would be plant-based, refined sugar-free, oil-free, some gluten-free and be made with natural ingredients and wholefoods that are 100% nutritious.

Guilt free pleasure !!!

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