Direct Trade with Cacao Growers PNG

This is the outcome of a Direct Trade project that I undertook back in 2016.I had established contact with some cacao growers in PNG and started talking about what they do and the way we could get their product to market,they wanted to build local business in the Watut region which is in the highlands of PNG near Lae and Origin Chocolate wanted to support these guys any way we could.The most obvious fit was direct trade between Origin Chocolate and the Watut Farmers.

There were alot of obstacles in our way but together we worked through them and I received my first bags of PNG cacao,which is some of the finest that I have worked with,the quality was amazing.

I started processing the cacao and gave it the justice it deserved and I created an extraordinary batch of chocolate,it was a 65% and had notes of almond butter and berry,it had a very smooth mouth feel and left a lingering flavour that seemed to last forever.

This was a chocolate that I was certainly very proud of.I paid them directly a premium of 20% above the spot price,this money went to the growers and benefitted the villagers,there were no middle men.It was a deal between me and them.

This chocolate that I made was created from the beans that were hand picked by the families of Watut so I thought that it was only fitting that I send them the finished chocolate that was created from the cacao they had grown and nurtured.

So I did,and they loved it.It was the first time they had tried their very only chocolate made from their cacao beans and I was thrilled with the delight that it created amongst the villagers of Watut.

This experience is something that Origin Chocolate are very proud of,and to all the people that dont understand the significance of direct trade and the benefits and joy it brings to villages like Watut,well I hope that this enlightens you abit.

There are no shortcuts when it comes to making chocolate as it can bring so much happiness to so many people.

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