Whilst only contributing a slither to world production of cacao, Bolivia has shared a long history with the trees that bear this special crop, grown deep in the Amazon forests and tended to by the indigenous groups, the Baures and Moxenos. This particular bean is a result of the joint efforts of the Agroecological Cooperative of Alto Beni (CIAAB), hailing from the Palos Blancos region of Bolivia, and Invalsa, a family owned coffee exporter with offices in both the US and Bolivia. CIAAB is a combination of around 500 smallholder growers of cacao producing mostly Trinitario and Nativo beans. About 60% of these cocoa producers are certified organic. What had started as an experiment for Invalsa into cacao has now evolved into a project with no end in sight. The exporter is currently working with CIAAB to revolutionise the local cacao industry by building the first in country fermentation plant and nursery, to be located in the Palos Blancos region.

Tasting Notes

Trinitario is fine flavour cocoa and is the most likely a bean to be found in quality dark chocolate,dark cherry and blackberry with hints of coffee and caramel can be drawn from this chocolate.

Nutrition Information

BOLIVIA 75% Avg Qty Serving size 10g Per serve Serving per pack 10Per 100g
ENERGY 39Cal-162Kj 397Cal-1627Kj
PROTEIN 1.5g 15.3g
TOTAL FAT 3.3g 33g
SATURATED FAT 0.63g 6.3g
CHOLESTEROL 0.0mg 0.0mg
CARBOHYDRATE 4.45g 26.1g
DIETARY FIBRE 2.6g 26.1g
SODIUM 1.6mg 16.2mg
POTASSIUM 118.5mg 1184mg
CAFFEINE 17.5mg 175mg
SUGARS 2.5g 25g
IRON 59% OMEGA 9 34%
VITAMIN B-6 4.05% OMEGA 7 26%

Bolivia 75%

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